Still no answers in apartment fire homicide

Memphis Police are waiting on the medical examiner's report, to show them how a Mid-South mother died.

Sherree Gooding died inside an apartment fire at the Village of Sycamore Ridge Apartments yesterday.

Police are still calling this one a suspicious death.

We have learned that the man they had in custody for questioning, Eddie Russell, has been released.

Russell and his wife were Sherree Gooding's roomates. All three had just moved to Sycamore Ridge Apartments this past weekend, along with Gooding's young twin daughters.

Police aren't saying much about what they think happened. We do know Gooding's body was in the fire but investigators say it appears she may have been killed before.

At the fire scene yesterday, Gooding's best friend broke down crying when she learned the news, as her husband was taken away for questioning.

We went to Tanglewood apartments where they all lived together for over a year. Neighbors tell us they were quiet people who mostly kept to themselves.

They're in shock that this has happened.

"I couldn't believe it cause I heard about the fire down the street and I just didn't know it was them. Its sad for it to happen to anybody but it hits hard because its close to home," said former neighbor Jonathan Thompson.

Police are waiting on the autopsy report to find out exactly how Sherrie Gooding died.