RDC faces money hurdles with City Council

There's a huge debate brewing over plans to develop the Memphis riverfront. The issue is a lack of money.

RDC, Riverfront Development Corporation, built the Mud Island roundabout, the Bluffs Stairs and other projects to turn the riverfront into a Memphis attraction.

Today, a city council committee approved the RDC's operating budget for 2008, but they're not out of murky waters yet.

Last week, another committee dropped funding for the $29-million Beale Street Landing project, a river walk and boat dock on the riverfront.

If the committee had also pulled their $2.3 million operating budget, RDC would be dead in the water altogether.

Council Members Carol Chumney and Dedrick Brittenum said neighborhoods must also get a fair share of city money, not just downtown.

Council Members Rickey Peete and Barbara Swearengen-Ware said Memphis must capitalize on the Mississippi River for the future of the city.

The committee voted in favor of funding the RDC's operating budget, minus Chumney's vote.

Still, RDC will need the full council's approval after that.

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