In Nashville, Ophelia Ford is at work, but not talking

Senator Ophelia Ford has been Nashville all week, but she has not attended any Senate sessions.

In fact, Ford showed up at her office in Nashville for the first time this week today.

She walked away from Action News 5's Janice Broach and slammed the door.

"Go away. No Comment," she said.

Forty-five minutes later she walked out with her legislative aide at her side.

"Are you feeling all right?" asked Broach.

"Can't you look at me, and tell I am," Ford replied.

"What do you want to accomplish today. She has not comment," said a handler.

Reporter Janice Broach followed her outside. "Senator Ford what would you say to your constituents are concerned about your health and your ability to serve?" she asked.

Ford didn't respond.

Ford was headed to the Shelby County delegation's weekly luncheon. She didn't seem to have any trouble walking the few blocks, but at times, her hands were visibly shaking.

After the luncheon, Ford walked back to the capitol and attended a 1:00 pm committee meeting.

After the committee hearing, Broach asked Ford about her brother's plans to come get her and put her in rehab.

"Senator Ford, your brother Joe wants to get you Friday and put you in rehab," said Broach.

Ford didn't answer as two fellow senators rushed her into an office, where she stayed while we waited.

A senate session is scheduled for tomorrow.

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