Dozens of sex offenders still missing in Memphis

A house on Modder Avenue in South Memphis is the last known address of convicted rapist Knowledge Clark.

Clark's cousin tells Action News 5 he still lives here.

"Yea, he still lives right here," says Haywood Corppetts.

But Memphis Police can't say for sure. When they visited the home, Clark wasn't there. We went along for the ride as they tried to verify Clark's address, along with 300 other registered sex offenders. Here's what they found:

125 were living where they say they are.

99 were not at home when police came knocking, but later checked out.

72 were found in violation, for among other things, lying about where they live.

Detectives told us why some of them do it.

"A lot of sex offenders don't want their neighbors to know that they're offenders so they tend to use other addresses to keep you from knowing you have an offender in your neighborhood," said Lt. Terry Landrum.

Since our first story aired, dozens of offenders have contacted police to clear things up. But the sex crimes division reports that at least 40 remain in violation. They are sex offenders who could be living in your neighborhood. Knowledge Clark is one of them. His cousin says the convicted rapist is under control, and no longer a threat.

"Me and my family damn near raised Knowledge--so no, is he a threat? No," says Corppetts.

He says he'll try and convince Clark to contact police.


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