Family members plan to head to Nashville to bring Ophelia Ford home

The brother of State Senator Ophelia Ford says it's time for tough love. Joe Ford says it could be the very thing that will save her life.

We first reported last month on Senator Ford's frequent absences this year in Nashville and her sky high travel bill when she does show up. But it wasn't until recently, her brother says he knew the family had to act.

"I came to the conclusion the other night when Janice Broach did the interview. There was something wrong with that and when Donna Davis did the interview and of course last week when that outburst was in the committee meeting." Joe Ford says the media coverage in the long run could help his sister.

Joe says his sister needs to make some decisions. "She needs to either step down or go to rehab, " says Ford. "Rehab, whether it be for Anemia, alcohol or drugs whatever her problem is we need to get her rehabbed," adds Joe Ford.

If she doesn't return home from Nashville Thursday like the other senators, they'll carry out an intervention. "My older brother or one of my sisters will go to Nashville, we'll bring her back."

He says she's not an effective lawmaker right now and there's no excuse. "Yes she was put out of the senate last year, yes, she may have had marital problems years ago, but that's no reason for you to be an alcoholic, drunk, or whatever's wrong with Ophelia."

"Her constituents deserve better. Her colleagues deserve better," adds Ford.

"I'm proud of the news media. It could be that the news media will save Ophelia's life," he said.

Ford adds, "Ophelia has a problem and she has got to step up to the plate. she's got to come out of denial and realize there is a problem."

Ford adds, "maybe she'll go back and look at herself on TV and six months from now maybe she'll be one of our great senators but remember she's gotta want help."