Forest Hill money man out on bond

Tonight, Mark Singer, former Forest Hill Funeral Home owner Clayton Smart's financial advisor, is out of jail and headed back to his home in Pennsylvania.

At the same time, Shelby County authorities are making plans to bring Smart from Oklahoma back to Tennessee.

Mark Singer the former financial advisor at Forest Hill funeral home left the Shelby County jail after two weeks inside.

"We set forth 14 points that we asked the defense council to meet to satisfy the state's needs to have Mr. Singer return to court," said Assistant District Attorney Steve Crossnoe.

That includes posting a $1.25 million bond and putting up the deed to Singer's $2 million home in pennsylvania as a promise to make the next court appearance in September.

He and former Forest Hill Funeral Home owner Clayton Smart are accused of stealing millions of dollars from 13,000 Mid-South families with burial policies at Forest Hill Funeral Home .

"This affects so many people in Tennessee and it goes across every boundary by race by gender by financial status," said Crossnoe.

Meanwhile, Clayton Smart is coming back to Tennessee.

Today, in an Oklahoma courtroom he signed extradition papers to face charges in Tennessee.

"He'll be transported probably by contract service just as any other prisoner would probably by a contract service."

He's expected to be back in the Mid-south in about 10 days.

Clayton Smart's bond at the Shelby County jail will be set at $4.2 million.

As for Singer, he's expected back in court September 25th