Jonesboro shooter Andrew Golden scheduled for release

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Confidentiality laws are preventing prison officials from providing details on the release of Andrew Golden, one of the Jonesboro school shooters who is due to get out of prison today.

In 1998, Golden was an eleven-year-old school boy when he and Mitchell Johnson opened fire on classmates at Westside Middle School. They killed four students and a teacher. Johnson was released in 2005, when he turned 21 years old. Today is Golden's 21st birthday. Like Johnson, he is to leave prison with a clean record and won't face any supervision.

Families of the victims have filed a civil suit against Golden and Johnson. Attorney Bobby McDaniel says he hopes Golden makes himself available for a deposition for the court proceeding. McDaniel says it took him two years to find Johnson after his release and that he'll find Golden, too, if need be.

The shootings on March 24th, 1998, killed students Natalie Brooks, Paige Herring, Stephanie Johnson, and Britthney Varner. English teacher Shannon Wright died while shielding another student. The boys wounded eleven others.

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