Army Veteran on mission to get support for American troops

While most of us celebrate our veterans this Memorial Day, the holiday means something more to most men and women who serve.

Every veteran has a story. Robert Reese has thousands of them.

"I was riding home with what they call an armored personnel carrier and we hit a 500 pound command detonated mine and killed everybody on the crew but me and the driver," says Reese.

He was an army ranger in Vietnam and lost a lot of friends. Reese served three back to back tours in Vietnam and earned five Purple Hearts.

"As Max told me one day, I was five times in the wrong place," adds Reese.

And by all accounts, he shouldn't be here today.

"You heard about a cat that's got nine lives? Well, I shot all of 'em in Vietnam. So I'm not supposed to be here. By the grace of God I am here. I'm here to tell you my story today," explains Reese.

He'll tell you that when he came home from Vietnam, he didn't exactly get fanfare and congratulations, "as a matter of fact, I was on crutches in the LA airport and a grandma about 90-years-old hit me upside the head with an umbrella and called me a babykiller," says Reese.

Since that day, Reese has made it his mission to make sure other war veterans get a hero's welcome when they come home and feel appreciated for their sacrifice.

Reese adds, "every American should be standing up proud to support American troops - regardless of what the President does."

And as a veteran, he supports all the forces that fight for our freedom every day, but especially on Memorial Day.


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