After massive search, missing teen reunites with family

A Mid-South teenager missing for more than 24 hours is back home with his family in Marshall County.

Three different Mississippi sheriff's departments had four wheelers and 60 to 70 people searching for the teen in a wooded area off Pigeon Roost Road, near the DeSoto County line.

A helicopter also searched for 15-year-old Michael Moncrief, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, who walked away from a nearby relative's home Sunday afternoon.

"We were over there visiting with my uncle from out of town and he got upset and just took off into the woods," Moncrief's mother Michelle.

Michelle Moncrief said her son was also diagnosed with an anger disorder, and was on three different medications.

The distraught mother said the ordeal was exhausting.  "We've been up all day. We've been up since 1:00 a.m."

Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson's main concern was the fact the teenager was off his medication.  "He could in fact be harmful to himself or others he may have come in contact with, absent having received his medication," he said during the search.

Even though the wooded areas of DeSoto and Marshall counties are dense, Dickerson said many of them eventually empty out into subdivisions or roads.  Because of that fact, he was confident Moncrief would eventually be found.

Late in the day, that is apparently what happened.  A sheriff's deputy spotted Moncrief several miles away from home, walking along a highway.

Soon after, he had an emotional reunion with his mother.

Authorities said, except for a few scratches, Moncrief was found in good condition.


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