Grizzlies Still Looking For General Manager/Kobe Misses West

The Grizzlies are also interested in Suns Vice President David Griffin for their soon to be vacant position of Team President.

Former Denver Nuggets General Manager Kiki Vandeweigh is also on that list.

Current Grizzlies President Jerry West is stepping down after the NBA Draft on June 30th.

One of Wests' top Signings from his days as Lakers boss, Kobe Bryant, told ESPN Radio he wants OUT of L.A.

He's asked to be traded from the Lakers one day after calling that teams' front office, -quote- "a mess," and said there is nothing the Lakers can do to change his mind.

On Sunday, Bryant suggested West, the Lakers former General Manager, should return to help right the ship.

The 29-year old Bryant is an 11-year NBA Veteran.

He has 7-years left on a $136.4 Million Dollar deal.

As we reported Tuesday, West, who turned 69 Monday, says he has no plans to seek employment with any other organization.