MY TURN: A story that inspires...

WMC-TV General Manager Lee Meredith
WMC-TV General Manager Lee Meredith

All too often, the news headlines are full of terrible stories that leave many of us feeling hopeless. Every once in a while though, a story comes along that rebuilds our hopes, even inspiring us to be better neighbors.

That's the wonderful message we shared in a story we reported last week about two good Samaritans. The first Good Samaritan is a woman named Heather Fox. She's the person who was almost fatally wounded when she gave a ride to a woman holding a baby who seemed to need help. Fox was shot and left for dead, and she probably would have died if not for the aid of the second Good Samaritan, a teenager named Ashley Sanders.

Fox has now recovered and made it her mission to assist Sanders by helping to provide her with an education fund. And yes, Heather Fox says that in spite of that horrible event this spring, she'll continue to be a Good Samaritan and hopes others will also.

These examples are inspirational. How great it would be if more of us would be willing to help people in distress without hesitation.

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