Surveillance cameras at Kawasaki capture moments before shooting

Click the link on this page to view the full video.
Click the link on this page to view the full video.

Surveillance cameras at this Kawasaki dealership captured Dexter Brown's every move Tuesday afternoon, including the moment he opened fire on store employees.

Brown was captured on video surveillance cameras from the moment he arrived at the Bartlett Kawasaki store.

Later, the 17-year-old Brown would turn the quiet showroom full of motorcycles into the chaotic scene of a cold blooded killing.

Investigators say Brown had been in the store approximately an hour and a half.

Bartlett investigators also say Brown got to the store just before 1:00 Tuesday afternoon. Parked outside was a motorcycle he had inquired about several weeks earlier.

Brown looks over the bike for several minutes before going inside.

Ninety minutes later he pulled out a 9 millimeter handgun, shot and killed a store salesman and injured another employee.

Police still aren't sure why it happened but they do know how.

Bartlett Police Department Capt. Tina Schaber adds, "obviously from the video it happens very quickly its not bloody, gory, graphic but it is of their loved one being shot."

And, out of respect for the victims' families, investigators are not releasing that portion of the tape.

After the shooting, Brown fled the scene and died in a car crash. Was he planning a murder at this moment in time? We may never know.

There is audio on the tape but police say there was no argument prior to the shooting.

Meanwhile funeral visitation for salesman Buddy Page is being held until 7:00 tonight at Memorial Park on Poplar.

His funeral is there at 2:00 Saturday.


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