Candidates line up for a chance to represent District 8

One day after Memphis City Councilman Rickey Peete's sudden resignation, there's a flood of people hoping to replace him.

At least, temporarily.

Rickey Peete's resignation is official today. Now, council members must choose an interim replacement for Peete's District 8 seat.

Candidates are already putting their names in at City Council offices.

One man works security for the Shelby County courthouse.

He's one of several people who have already let council members know he would like to be chosen for Rickey Peete's seat.

"I'm a native Memphian. I've always been here; lived here. I know the ins and outs of Memphis. I think I can bring a new perspective to the city council," says the candidate.

City Council chairman Tom Marshall said he wants a certain kind of person to take over Peete's seat.

"I personally believe the kind of person that can serve District 8 is someone who is a person of integrity, has an ethical moral center. That is devoid of bigotry and racism that can talk to us and communicate in a calm collected manner," explains Marshall.

Marshall said if qualified people do not apply for the seat the council can chose someone.

Peete has served time on a federal extortion charge in 1989 while he was on the council. Voters then put him back in office.

Peete is now facing a federal charge of taking a bribe while on the council.

Marshall said he would not consider any convicted felons for the District 8 seat.