Tree makes residents in N. Memphis neighborhood sick

If you didn't know better, you'd think it was snowing in June in North Memphis. Neighbors are upset about a tree that's making a big mess in their neighborhood.

It's a beautiful tree but it's also making neighbors sick.

The cottonwood tree stands alone and tall smack in the middle of this North Memphis neighborhood.

Kids play in the cotton like it was snow. Dorothy Cox loves trees, but this tree makes her sick.

"We really want this tree to go," says Cox. "My throat tightened up and that came as a result by picking the cotton up. I didn't know it had some of the allergens in it and I'm doing this and the next day or two I'm sick," she adds.

Cox works at the Shasta Central Community Center with children and the elderly.

"This is the central unit and it's all covered with cotton," explains Cox.

Cox says the cotton gets inside the building and affects everyone inside. That's why she wants the tree taken down.

But, it's expensive, "cost us $2,000," says Cox.

So, she got the community involved asking them to pitch in a few bucks. So far, they've raised about $1,000.

The tree was here when Helen Virginia Green moved here.

"I moved here June 6th 1959," says Green.

She says she thinks it would be a good idea if the tree came down. It's believed that the Cottonwood tree is at least 100-years old.

If you'd like to donate money in getting this tree down, call Dorothy Cox at (901) 458-4711.


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