3 teens accused of serious crimes escape AR treatment center

The three escapees are convicted of serious crimes, including rape and sexual assault. Knowing they're on the run is enough to worry parents like Connie Clark.

"They might get my kids and do the same thing to them," says Clark.

17 year-old Richard Richards, Marcus Galloway, and 18 year-old Shaun Hester escaped a treatment center for sex offenders in Jonesboro, Arkansas late Thursday night.

"It's very frightening--worriesome," says parent Steve Wilson.

Each escapee is described as a "violent offender." And while state officials say none of the three have exhibited violent behavior since their arrests, they cannot predict what the teens may do while on the run.

"As of this time, they have not sent out any alerts in regards to being on the lookout for these individuals," says West Memphis Police Assistant Chief Mike Allen.

Neither West Memphis Police, Marion Police, or the Crittenden County Sheriff's Department knew about the escapees until Action News 5 told them. That goes for Memphis and Shelby County too.

"If they get information that they're in this area, they may very well contact us in regards to a possible location," says Allen.

Until then, it's anyone's guess where these potentially violent teens might be.

"I don't agree with that--I think they should do more to try and catch them," says parent Terry Griffin.

Reporter Jason Miles asked officials in Little Rock why more agencies were not notified. They told him only Arkansas State Police, and those in Jonesboro were in the loop at first, along with authorities in each of the teens home counties. None of them are in Northeast Arkansas.

Call your local police if you know the whereabouts of these escapees.


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