Makeover in store for Memphis City Council

There are big changes coming to the Memphis City Council. Half the members are leaving. Just this week two council members pulled out.

Rickey Peete resigned to focus on family and his federal corruption trial. The same day, E.C. Jones sent out an announcement he will not seek re-election.

71 people have picked up petitions to run for Memphis City Council. That's because six slots are now open.

By the end of the year, the Memphis City Council will lose 50 years of combined experience.

Political Analyst Jackson Baker says, "just a matter of when Rickey Peete was going to leave. E.C. Jones was a bit of a surprise. But when you look at them, it's going to be the same situation the County Commission was in last year's elections."

"I just feel like after 13 years it's time to move on," says Jones.

Edmund Ford is also charged with taking bribes for votes. His son is running for his slot.

Carol Chumney's out. She's running for mayor. Dedrick Brittenum wants to go back to civilian life. Brent Taylor wants to focus on his business.

Baker blames the Tennessee Waltz corruption sting on the turnover, "some of the incumbents who are dropping out are recognizing that fact, that the voters want a clean sweep," adds Baker.

Baker and Jones say there will be a learning curve, but the newcomers will fall into place.

Jones adds, "it's gonna take some period of time to gain some knowledge."

"You will find that the positions are pretty well-known and the precedents will be recognized by the new members," says Baker.

A changing of the guard they call bitter-sweet; losing experience, but gaining fresh ideas.

Jones says he doesn't want anyone to count him out. He has his eye on some positions other officials will soon vacate.


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