Impatient Memphis children break the rules as pools remain closed

The people who oversee Memphis parks have been working to make sure public swimming pools are up to code before they open.  It's taking longer for some, but many kids can't wait, and Tuesday we caught them on tape breaking the law in order to beat the heat.

Like all outdoor public pools in Memphis, the Pine Hill Pool was supposed to open last Saturday.  But it's still closed, something that couldn't keep some kids from making a splash.

"They not supposed to be in there, so we try and tell them to stay out the pool and the water, but they don't listen to us," lifeguard LaSha Butler said Tuesday.

Pine Hill Pool is one of two pools forced at the last minute to make repairs.  The Health Department has yet to give the green light to open the facility, so those who work there must wait, and watch some very determined kids as they jump into the closed pool.

"We can't touch 'em," said lifeguard James Veal.  "We just watch, (and) call the police.  Police come up...they scatter. It just goes on over and over again."

Employees at Pine Hill Pool have done pretty much everything they can to keep the kids from getting in, including putting bags of leaves in a gap under the front gate, and a heavy duty lock on the gate itself.

Still, the children find ways to get in, many saying the pool is too tempting.

Officials tell me danger does exist, and that is why Pine Hill Pool remains closed.  Late Tuesday, officials told Action News 5 that Pine Hill Pool and the pool at Riverview Park should be open by the end of the week.

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