Gilmore city leaders discuss police chase policy

It was a police chase that went through two states, lasted fourty-five minutes and went up to speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour! And now, it turns out, the police officer who initiated it works for a department and a city that doesn't have ANY type of pursuit policy.

Officer Leslie Gregory covered fifty miles during last month's chase, starting in Gilmore, Arkansas and ending up in Memphis. Tuesday night, Gilmore's city council and mayor watched dashboard video of the pursuit. The one thing they agreed on was to disagree about Gregory's actions. "If our officer was wrong," said Mayor Christine Brownlee, "then the Arkansas state police, when they took over, should have told him to back off." But councilwoman Joyce Miller felt differently. "You know, it's my opinion," she said, "that the pursuit was foolish and the man used poor judgement in going that far."

Gilmore's five member council is expected to discuss adopting a formal, written policy at future meetings. Leslie Gregory is the lone police officer in Gilmore, population 292. Just hired in December, he's still in his 90-day probationary period.