Law enforcement ready to execute Crooks with Guns law

District Attorney Bill Gibbons says local law enforcement is prepared to execute the Crooks with Guns law when it's passed.

But he says the version set to be passed is watered down. Gibbons just returned from Nashville where the Crooks with Guns bill is being considered.

Its main goal is to provide tougher sentences for people who commit crimes with guns.

The original bill cost $70 million. But that's what's on the table now.

"In order to get something passed meaningful, there is something on the table between $25 and $30 million that would at least move us in the right direction. It's not everything we need," says Gibbons.

Governor Phil Bredesen has some concerns about the bill but says he will sign it.

One thing that's been cut out of the original proposal is tougher laws for convicted felons who possess guns.

Gibbons says if it's left out this time they'll lobby to get it passed later.