Mid-South business lends a hand to local competitor

You don't often hear of one business helping another in times of hardship, but that's what one Mid-South company is doing.

Lawrence Tile and Marble burned almost exactly one month ago on May 7th. The incident happened when a delivery truck loading resin leaked and the resin caught fire sending flames and thick black smoke shooting into the sky.

Everyone inside made it out okay, but the company was a total loss leaving about 25 people unemployed, and dozens of projects unfinished.

In the days after the fire, owner Dave Lawrence turned to his closest competitor for help-- a Cordova company called Marble Products Incorporated.

Both companies are family owned and both started around the same time-- more than 30 years ago.

Putting competition aside, the owners of Marble Products stepped up hiring several of Lawrence's workers and completing jobs so customers would not be inconvenienced by the fire.

"In business today, it's so much every individual seems out for themselves, but I know in my heart if we had been in that position they would have helped us out. So we were glad to help them and it helps us," says Marble Products Operations Manager Don House.

Lawrence Tile and Marble is currently operating at a tempory location at Kirby-Whitten Rd.


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