Dozens of kids finally able to make waves at local pool

It's an exciting day for dozens of children hoping and praying Pine Hill Pool would open. On Wednesday, lots of swimming and splashing took place as neighborhood kids finally were able to make waves for the first time.

It was a long wait for fun in the sun at Pine Hill pool.

When city pools opened last weekend, Pine Hill was one of the few closed keeping kids from cooling off.

Carlos Thomas who lives in the neighborhood says, "back in the day they ain't have pools and stuff and used to get wet by a water hose. We want to probably swim."

"This is the South Memphis area. There's not too many activities that we got going on in the area for the children. This is nice cause hey my boys are ready," says parent Daphney Hunter.

Action News 5 reporter Andrew Douglas arrived and waited, along with dozens of kids, Wednesday morning at Pine Hill.

He made phone calls and asked workers and inspectors questions. He wanted to know why the pool had not opened.

Just before one 1:00 Wednesday afternoon, enough staff were on hand to open the pool.

"I enjoyed that very much it felt like I was in heaven," adds 15-year-old Chasity Vaughn.

A Health Department spokesperson says the pool didn't open right away because repairs had to be made to the structure.


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