Zoo keepers nervous about condition of panda Ya Ya's pregnancy

Keepers at the Memphis Zoo expressed concerns Thursday about the health of pregnant panda Ya Ya's cub, one day after the latest ultrasound performed on the giant bear.

"This is a day of not too much good news," said Memphis Zoo Director Chuck Brady.  "What we had hoped to see was a fetal heart beat and some growth and development of the fetus."

Unfortunately, neither was detected.  Blood tests show progesterone, which indicated the pregnancy is there, however, levels of the chemical were not as high as they should be.

"We haven't given up hope," Brady said.  "We're just saying we're concerned."

Zoo officials said if the unborn panda cub is lost, they will try again to impregnate Ya Ya.

Next Wednesday could be a critical day.  Zoo officials say the next ultrasound performed on Ya Ya should give keepers a clear indication as to the condition of the panda cub.

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