Sister describe brutal Wednesday afternoon stabbings

A group stabbing Wednesday afternoon injured four people, including two pregnant teens.  The fight, between two groups of four girls, left many in their Memphis neighborhood shaking their heads.

Participants in the fight said Thursday that the brawl began over a man.  Angela Greer said the stabber is an ex-girlfriend of her cousin.

"It was over my cousin," she said.

According to Greer, the woman attacked her and her three sisters to get back at Greer's cousin for leaving the woman.

"They keep coming right over here in front of my house, and want us to come out to fight, but I called the police," said the girls' mother, Michelle Moore.

Moore said the woman with the knife came to their home Wednesday with three other women.  She said the woman threatened to force Angela Greer, nine months pregnant, into labor.

"She had the knife and that's when they got to fighting," Angela Greer said. "She started stabbing them."

Dominique Greer, who is two month pregnant, was stabbed in the neck.  "She stuck me twice," Greer said.

Their sister Angela was punched in the mouth.  Two other sisters were also stabbed.  One is OK, but the other victim is hospitalized with a punctured lung.

The Greer sisters and their mother are concerned no one has been arrested yet.  "The police wrong for doing that, letting them go," Dominique said.

Police said Thursday they have not arrested anyone because they've heard so many conflicting stories, but there is no question charges are on the way.

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