4 in Arkansas being evaluated for TB

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Three people in Arkansas are being evaluated for possible tuberculosis infection after they were on a flight with the Atlanta lawyer who traveled to Europe and back with a dangerous form of the disease.

An unrelated case also has been reported at Southern Arkansas University in Columbia County.

A spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services stressed that none of the three on the flight is currently sick and that the tests are precautionary.

Spokesman Ed Barham said he understood the three were on a flight from Atlanta to Paris that Andrew Speaker also was on. Speaker, now in government-ordered isolation in a Denver hospital, went to Europe for his wedding trip, creating an international health scare.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began trying to track down others who might be at risk.

At S-A-U, officials say a 22-year-old international student has an active case of tuberculosis. The university sent letters out to others who may have had contact with the unidentified male student - but all tests so far have been negative.

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