Juror in court to lend support to preacher's wife

A lot of people were sitting in the McNairy County courtroom during Mary Winkler's sentencing.

Some were supporters, while others just came to watch. But one woman said she just had to be here since she helped decide Mary Winkler's fate.

Amy Mullins was a juror during the Winkler trial, her face and voice hidden until now.

"I came to support Mary," says Mullins. "It just consumed me and I needed closure to know what happened to her and I'd rather be here than to watch it on tv," she adds.

Mullins admits the trial and specifically the testimony was tough to hear at times.

Especially allegations that Matthew Winkler was physically, emotionally and sexually abusive.

Mullins said she was pro-defense early on in the trial and Mary Winklers testimony only solidified that.

"A lot of people felt it was rehearsed, that she was told what to say, how to act and I didn't feel that way. I felt that it was genuine," says Mullins.

Mullins says deliberations between the ten women and two men jury were strained at times.

Mullins adds, "It was divided, I guess is the best word for it and we had to go through and talk about the different verdicts."

Mullins hopes to put the Winkler trial behind her, knowing it will always be part of her past.

Mullins says she hopes to never have to sit in that jury box ever again after taking part in the Mary Winkler Trial.


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