Misspelling keeps missing man in jail 6 days

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - When police were looking for a missing man from Hondurus, they thought they'd crossed all their 'T's' before starting their search.

But the difference between a 'T' and a 'D' kept police and family members from finding the man.

For more than a week , police scoured Memphis for the missing 21-year-old Victor Estrada (es-strah-DAH') -- spelled with a 'D.'

Estrada had been in the country for just a few weeks and was described as mentally ill.

When a friend of the family called The Commercial Appeal newspaper to ask for help, an editor searched the jail Web site for a clue.

He didn't find Victor Estrada listed, but he did find Victor Melindez-Estrata (es-strah-TAH') -- spelled with a 'T.'

Police determined that Estrada, who had no money or identification papers and spoke limited English, wandered for two days until he was arrested near the Memphis International Airport on charges of vandalizing a phone box and public intoxication.

Victor Estrada's six days in jail ended Thursday afternoon when his uncle posted 100 dollars for bail.

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