Mid-South neighbors rally to get rid of trashy troubles

A pile of trash is one thing but neighbors complained that 3255 Whitebrook looked more like a landfill.

They wanted something done so they called Action News 5.

The area was covered with stained mattresses, soiled sofas, some garbage so decayed you can't make out what it used to be.

There were beer cans, soiled clothing, even a toilet seat just yards from a daycare center.

"On sunny days it's unbearable. When you get out of your car. I mean, really you've got to almost hold your breath to go inside the daycare to get your kids," says grandmother Lakerry Moore.

It's also just feet from the office of Marcellus Richardson's church.

"Trying to explain it, you know, it's very hard. It's very embarrassing," says Richardson.

On top of the filthy sight and smell, the mound of garbage is a haven for critters.

Moore adds, "my biggest concern is one of these kids messing around and somebody gets bitten by a rat or something. It's hazardous."

"They look like small flies. You kill 50 of them, and there are 50 more. You open the door and they fly in. It's just been very difficult," says Richardson.

Memphis City Code says exterior areas of property must be sanitary and free of accumulating garbage. People say this has been going on too long.

"I would say about a month and a half I have seen this trash like this," says Moore.

Moore says people have called the property owners for weeks to demand a cleanup.

While our cameras were rolling, the owner arrived with a crew. Though he wouldn't talk on camera, he said he already had plans to clean it up.

But, Richardson says it's too late. The mountain of mess ran him out and he's moving.

People who come and go here say they hope this was the last they'll see of their trashy troubles.


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