Mid-South man robbed and pistol-whipped while doing yard work

Jackie Bready says her normally quiet neighborhood sounded more like the wild west Saturday morning.

"Heard two loud pops - didn't know what they were at first," says Bready. "I was just hysterical. Didn't know what's going on," she adds.

Shelby County Deputies say Denis Hernandez was in his yard with his two kids and a friend when a robber with a gun demanded his money.

Hernandez gave up his wallet -- then the robber pistol-whipped him on the back of his head and neck.

Hernandez then grabbed his own gun from his house and took off after the thief.

"My 5-year-old daughter was right there beside me," says Hernandez. "I was scared - mad - and I was feel bad because you know my daughter was right there beside me too and they don't care," he adds.

It happened near Old Brownsville Road not far from North Methodist Hospital.

Deputies say Hernandez caught up with the thief on Old Brownsville Road and opened fire. One of those stray bullets went into Bready's garage.

"From what I understand he's trying to protect his property and I respect that but then again the innocent people on the street here and kids playing. That's a little scary. That's very scary - not a little - very scary," says Bready.

"The very first thing that deputies did was get the gun out of the victim's hand. He was standing not far from where I'm at right here with the gun, firing it at the suspects. We got the victim to drop his gun. That was priority one cause there were shots being fired into the neighborhood area," says Steve Shular with Shelby County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators found blood in the area and believe the thief was shot.

They say he got into a late model Ford Crown Vic that another man was driving.

Deputies say Hernandez does not have a permit to carry his gun in public and it will be up to the Shelby County DA to determine whether he will face charges.

If you know anything about what happened call Memphis Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.


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