Paris Hilton Calls Barbara Walters

Who do you call when you're stuck in jail and rethinking your life? Barbara Walters, of course.

made a phone call to the


host on Sunday around 3 p.m. ET to talk about her state of mind, ABC News reports.

On Monday's edition of

The View

, Walters told her cohosts that Hilton "sounded tired but totally aware of what she was saying."

In fact, Walters says that Hilton feels jail has significantly affected her attitude and self-perception. According to Walters, Hilton said: "I feel as if I'm a different person. I used to act dumb. That act is no longer cute. Now, I would like to make a difference. God has given me this new chance."

Walters reports that Hilton has retained a spiritual adviser and has taken to reading self-help books, which have inspired an awakening. Walters described it as knowing she has "a power she can use for different things."

Specifically, Hilton expressed interest in charity work - serving breast cancer or multiple sclerosis foundations - and has suggested that she'd like to possibly open a Paris Hilton Playhouse for sick children.

Another lesson Hilton has learned from her jail time: humility. Walters reports that Hilton told her, "I haven't looked in a mirror since I got here."

Though Walters delivered Hilton's words seriously, her


cohost Joy Behar, who is a comedian, couldn't help but crack wise on the situation. When Walters told the panel that Hilton felt as if "God has released me," Behar snapped, "But the judge hasn't."

Walters is a longtime friend of Hilton's mother, and in May, Kathy Hilton gave Walters a

in which she said she wished "young people who look up to people like Paris can learn from this."

ABC reports that Kathy Hilton had been on the phone with Walters talking about how her daughter was doing when Paris rang in on the other line.

Paris is currently serving the remainder of her minimum 23-day sentence for violating probation in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility's medical ward. According to Walters, she is due for release on June 25.