Search for would-be Letterman assailant focuses on Montana lake area

SWAN LAKE, Mont. (AP) - A manhunt continues in the forest near Swan Lake in northwestern Montana for two inmates, including a man who was once accused of plotting to kidnap David Letterman's infant son.

Lake County authorities say U-S Forest Service personnel spotted the two men near the town last night. They located a campsite nearby and found prison clothing identifying the men as William Willcutt and Kelly Frank.

A prison warden says officials believe the men may be armed, but not wearing much, since they were startled and unable to get back into their clothes.

Officers from several local, state and federal agencies are searching area cabins, setting up roadblocks and also warning area residents to be on the lookout.

Frank was arrested in 2005 on allegations that he crafted a plan to kidnap Harry Letterman and the boy's nanny for ransom. A charge of solicitation to kidnap was dropped in return for guilty pleas to other charges.

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