"Morris for Mayor" campaign headquarters burglarized

Thieves burglarized Herman Morris' mayoral campaign headquarters and took off with several computers.

The Morris campaign office at the Towery Building in Midtown wasn't even officially open for business, but it appears thieves helped themselves to some key equipment.

Herman Morris is out of town, but his wife, Brenda says they got a phone call Tuesday from a campaign worker who told them three computers and computer accessories were missing.

The computer hard drives contained critical information, including information about supporters and donors.

But at this point Brenda Morris says she is not willing to say this was sabotage. She believes the campaign was simply a victim of the crime that her husband has pledged to fight should he be elected mayor of Memphis.

When Mrs. Morris was asked if she feels violated she said, "just like you expect to feel safe in your own home, your private space, when someone goes out of their way to invade that it for sure is a violation and you're not happy at all."

Mrs. Morris believes the break-in occurred Sunday or early Monday morning when there was no security guard at the building.

Mrs. Morris says the theft of computers and loss of that supporter information will not impact her husband's campaign.


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