Mid-South legend sings the blues over order to vacate

A Mid-South music legend is really singing the blues over an order to vacate his home.

Code enforcement says singer Blind Mississippi Morris' home is not safe. Now, some lawmakers and volunteers are working to save it.

If ever Blind Mississippi Morris had a reason to sing the blues its right now.

His house needs some major repairs and if they aren't made made soon he will probably have to move out.

He's played with some of the biggest names in music. And now Blind Mississippi Morris has a new reason to sing about life's challenges.

The bluesman bought the house in North Memphis four years ago. Since then, he's been cited several times because of roof, and other structural problems.

Several day's ago city code enforcement posted vacate signs and gave Morris 30 days to make repairs or move out.

He's praying that the community will come to the rescue.

County Commissioners Dr. George Flinn and Mike Carpenter are leading an effort to help renovate the Bluesman's home.

And they feel others will help. Right now, they are waiting on code enforcement to give them a list of exactly what kind of repairs will allow Morris to stay in the home he loves.

"Because I'm a true blue person, I've worked for every charity in this city - now its my time," said Morris.

Morris says he wants to turn his home into a historic tribute to the family that built it. He'd also like to turn his house into a place where youngsters can go to learn about music.

The Commissioners point out that Code Enforcement has really tried to work with Morris but the bottom line is the home must be made safe.

A campaign has been started to help repair the Bluesman's home.

To find out more, call the Commissioners at 901-516-8956.


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