City crime top priority for mayoral candidates

It's just one more indicator that no one is immune from crime. A Memphis Mayoral candidate is one of the latest victims.

Crime is a hot button issue across the Mid-South and candidates for the local mayor's race say it will play a critical part in the October election.

Crime has always been a concern for the people of Memphis. Herman Morris, who is running for Memphis mayor, is a victim of crime.

It happened at his own campaign headquarters.

Brenda Morris, the wife of Herman Morris is appalled by what happened.

Morris says at least three computers containing critical information were stolen from the 2nd floor of their campaign headquarters in Midtown.

Herman Morris was out of town, but says the theft of the computers will not slow down his campaign.

Brenda Morris added, "by no means do we want crime, crime to fuel our campaign. We want to do something about crime and want the citizens of Memphis to feel safe in their community."

Crime makes news nearly everyday in Memphis.

Statistics show, year to year, from murders to property theft, Memphis is consistently above the national average.

Mayoral candidate Carol Chumney says crime is and should be a top priority in this campaign.

"Ccrime is just out of control in this city," said Chumney. "I don't think the current mayor has done a good job at managing the police department and your police department is only going to be as effective as the people that help run and lead it," she added.

Chumney wants the chance to tackle the crime problem and put her plan in place.

Meanwhile, the current Mayor Willie Herenton spent part of his day speaking to the groups Citizens Against Crime and Stop the Killing.

We tried to get a comment from Mayor Willie Herenton. He was tied up in meetings and was not able to speak to us.


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