Police stand-off ends peacefully overnight

A police stand-off that started just before 9:00 p.m. Wednesday night kept police busy overnight.

Neighbors called police to the scene near Tant and Wales when they heard gunshots.  Authorities evacuated over 20 people from their homes as they began negotiating with the suspect, who was holed up inside his home.

"The individual is a gun collector and has plenty of weapons at hand, some of which are military grade," Sgt. Vince Higgens, spokesperson for the Memphis Police Department, said during the standoff.

Officers negotiated with the man over the phone, but moved-in when he stopped talking to them and family members.

Authorities said the man was taken into custody after the nearly seven hour standoff without any injuries.

Before the standoff, the suspect had been drinking at a nearby bar.  According to investigators, the incident started when the man became angry after a bartender refused to serve him any more alcohol.

Higgins said the man legally owned the weapons in his possession during the standoff.

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