Disclosure forms show Bill Clinton made more than $10 million from speeches last year

UNDATED (AP) - Former President Clinton made more than ten (m) million dollars in paid speeches last year.

That figure comes from new financial disclosure forms that show Clinton and his presidential-candidate wife have at least ten (m) million dollars in the bank, and may have closer to 50 (m) million dollars.

The forms made public today show Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton hold two accounts, each valued at somewhere between five- and 25 (m) million dollars. One is an old-fashioned bank account and the other is a blind trust.

The former president got ten-point-two (m) million dollars for making speeches last year, up from seven-point-five (m) million dollars the year before.

Six years out of power, Bill Clinton can still raise huge sums with a personal appearance. He made 450-thousand dollars for a single September speech in London at a Fortune Forum event.

He made 200-thousand-dollars for an April appearance in the Bahamas to speak to IBM, and another 200-thousand dollars for a New York speech to General Motors.

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