Radio listeners weigh-in on alleged plot against mayor

Popular morning DJ Bobby O'Jay spent most of his morning talking about the alleged plot against Mayor Willie Herenton on WDIA's morning show.

"For many of us, the only way to get our opinion heard on this alleged plot is to call into local radio shows," said one caller.

"If someone told me the mayor had strippers, went to a party with strippers. My answer would be so? so?," said O'Jay.

O'Jay's name actually came up during the mayors press conference Thursday.

They mayor said, "can you imagine if this plot had worked, that many who listen to Bobby O'Jay would have said he's guilty. I never would have had a day in court. The media would have gone wild."

O'Jay simply said he respects the mayor and told listeners the two have a complicated relationship.

"Mayor Herenton and I have a very unusual relationship, we have a relationship like, one day we'll be slamming each other then the next we're best friends," added O'Jay.

Listeners to the station were a mix of skeptical and those who now feel sorry for the mayor.

Listeners on other talk stations like AM 600 had similar responses and seemed to be waiting for the next scandalous detail to unfold.


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