Unlikely supporter sticks up for Mayor Herenton

Some analysts believe the alleged plot against Mayor Herenton is already helping his chances this fall.

One of Herenton's biggest critics is now sticking up for him. This comes after yesterday's press conference which some insist charged up his base to go to the ballot box in October.

"To create a scheme to take him out is totally wrong and if I believe for is right I'll even stand with Herenton for what is right," said Thaddeus Matthews.

These comments from a man who more than a year ago led the failed effort to recall the mayor and get him out of office.

After hearing about the alleged plot, Matthews insists the mayor's time in office is up but the people should decide without influence of a setup.

Matthews added, "I will not stand by as a black man and watch another black man be taken out by this political method. If he's taken out by legal office, then fine."

Right now, the allegations are just that. Nothing has been proven. Still, it's the allegations that has people talking, taking sides and forming opinions.

Larry Moore is a lawyer, political analyst and a University of Memphis professor. He insists the longer the allegations stay in the news the more Herenton will benefit.

"Politics is like sports anytime you go on offense it's a good thing,"  said Moore. "One way to recapture your base is to show that you are being attacked as a black male and that does trigger a group response which is very good if you're the incumbent," he added.

It's another month left before all petitions to run for mayor need to be filed. Election day is October 4th.


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