18-year-old survives tragic drag car accident

18-year-old Rodger Pritchford sits in Vanderbilt hospital grateful to be alive. He remembers the seconds before he and almost 20 other spectators were hit by an out of control exhibition drag racer hit him.

"I saw it coming. I had time to look down, look back and run," said Pritchford.

Pritchford says he doesn't remember being hit, "I looked coming out of a dream. I saw the sun. I didn't now what happened."

Pritchford has several injuries.

He chipped a vetebrae in his neck and hurt his knee and ankle. He also has a broken leg.

The high school senior says the crowd was too close to the drag racers. He said police moved them back but each time the crowd moved forward and got closer to the road.

Pritchford knows six people died in the tragedy.

"I'm laying her in the hospital bed and six people are not. Six people are not coming back . I know you can die at any minute," said Pritchford.

Rodger Pritchford says he definitely knows how lucky he is to be alive.

Doctors say he is expected to make a full recovery.


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