Chris Wallace Accepts Challenge as Grizzlies New General Manager

Before he even got the job as General Manager of the Memphis Grizzlies, Chris Wallace is already one of the most controversial figures in the teams' short history.

He's the man now In Charge of running the Mid-Souths' NBA team.

The Boston Celtics general manager is now the Grizzlies new general manager.

On paper it does seem odd, turning to a guy who led the Celtics to the 2nd worst record in the league.

Outgoing Grizz President Jerry West has this to say about his successor.

"To me the people with the greatest chance of succeeding are the one's who are networked. Chris is very well respected internationally and also nationally."

Wallace says he can't wait to get started with his new team.

"I am really excited about the roster Jerry has put together. There's a lot of young talent to work with."

As West's hand picked replacement, Wallace isn't about to defend the last couple seasons back East, rather pointing out he lead the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals in the 2001-2002 season.

"We had the winningest team in 19 years in Boston and did it with the 21st highest payroll."

Jerry West was very upset with a local newspaper article insinuating he only hired Wallace because the two were friends and both from West Virginia. Rather West says he hired Wallace because of an connections.

West says: - "Some of the best minds in the basketball world, people many of you don't even know, Chris is connected to better than I am."

West says he's retiring June 30th and will not stay on as a paid consultant with the Grizzlies.

Wallace is excited to finally be in charge after years of playing second fiddle to Rick Pitino and Danny Ainge in Boston.

"This is a team that can make a quick turnaround and be back to the playoffs overnight."

Only time will tell if this will be the Logo's last stroke of genius or something much different.