Jerry Lawler facing charges for striking another wrestler

The man that calls himself the "King of the Ring" has a different battle to fight.  Wednesday, a warrant was issued in Mississippi for Memphis wrestling icon Jerry "the King" Lawler. He is charged with punching another wrestler during an event last weekend at Sam's Town Casino in Tunica.

Lawler, who calling the charges "absurd," said it all started when fellow wrestler Sal "Big Cheese" Corrente hit a fan.  According to Lawler, security rushed down and created a distraction from the show.  That's why, he said, he ran up to do what he called a "comeback" and punch Corrente.

When he did, Big Cheese apparently did not take it very well.

"It was just like a little hard punch," Lawler said.  "Sometimes it's part of business.  Guys get hit hard...get teeth knocked out...busted open.  It just happens, and you show up for work the next day.  You don't go have somebody arrested!"

Lawler faces criminal charges in Mississippi.  Law enforcement officials in Tunica County confirm the situation is not a wrestling "work" and the charges are real.

Lawler's court date is set for August 1, that is, if he is served by that date.  Because the Tunica County Sheriff's Department does not cross state lines to serve papers, they are waiting for his next wrestling event in Tunica to do so.

That might happen during a July 20th date at Sam's Town.

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