Selmer mayor speaks out about deadly drag car crash

The final victim from Saturday's deadly drag car crash was laid to rest Friday in Selmer, Tennessee.

There are now new questions about permits after the crash that claimed six lives at a charity car show.

The question is why didn't the mayor and board of aldermen in Selmer issue a written permit for last weekend's Cars for Kids burn-out demonstration.

Action News 5 reporter Nick Paranjape sat down for an exclusive interview with Selmer Mayor, David Robinson.

He said the city has not issued a parade permit for years.

However, if you go to the city's website, it clearly states under the municipal codes that it's "unlawful for any organization to hold a parade or demonstration on public streets without securing a written permit from the mayor and board of aldermen."

Despite this, a permit was never issued. It was all done verbally.

"I've talked to several of the aldermen of the past, this is the way we do it. We have them coordinate with police and fire department. We know what's going on, they know what's going on and we move forward," explained Robinson.

Robinson also said that Selmer is a small town and this is the way they're used to doing things.

That may change in the future.


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