Micheel Make-A-Wish Big Hit

The 4th annual Shaun Micheel Make-A-Wish Foundation golf tournament at Ridgeway Country Club didn't disappoint. With 32-teams paying $35-hundred a group to get in, the cash is rolling for sick children.  The players, like Memphis Grizzlies Guard Mike Miller and Memphis Tigers Head Football Coach Tommy West, definitely want to make difference.

Each group actually gets to meet the child its' playing for. Micheel says that's what's so special about this tournament.

'Certainly people in the past have asked why we don't have pro's and I tell them once you meet the children and their families you'll know why. It's unique and that's why I don't have pro's.

Other than himself of course. Micheel says his tournament has raised about $480,000 dollars in the last 3 years.