A.A.U. Basketball Brinngs 3-National Championship Tournaments to Memphis

The City of Memphis is getting a nice economic boost with, not one, not two, but 3-National Championships to be decided here this week.

Basketball is King once this summer as for the 15th straight year, the Amateur Athletic Union is staging its 13-and-under Division One, Division Two, and 8-and-Under National championship tournaments here in the Bluff City..

This is the Central jersey Cougars vs the Houston Inner City Cardinals at Wooddale.

With 236-teams in town, each with an average of 30 people per squad, including players, parents and coaches, that's a good sized convention with more than 7-thousand participants.

They're using 20-gyms all over the city...from High Schools, colleges and churches..

"It's about a $10 to 30 million Dollar impact every year. Teams come from all over the United States to stay in our hotels, buy our gas, eat our food."

Several Memphis area teams are also in the Nationals here..

Pool play runs through Wednesday..the Finals are set for Sunday afternoon with the 13's at Wooddale, and the 8's at Sheffield High School.