Grizzlies Lay Out Strategy for NBA Draft

Let's see...

Whom to Pick?

That's just ONE of the questions facing the Memphis Grizzlies as they prepare for NBA Draft Day 2007.

But, as the confusing world of Player Evaluations, Salary Cap Demands, Trade Value and even Free Agency looms on the horizon, the teams' new Braintrust says it's ready to dive in.

As the Grizzlies New General Manager Chris Wallace, and Head Coach Marc Iavaroni talked draft stategy in the FedExForum media room, there was not even the hint of nervousness between the two First Time Draft partners..

Wallace is confident:

"This is my 17th year doing this, i'm a draft nik."

Iavaroni adds:

"Chris wants to the same things I do, a team that wants to run, be versatile."

What the Grizzlies eventually get with the Number 4 pick, is largely contingent upon what Atlanta does with the number 3 selection...or so you might think.

Wallace says:

"The Hawks are going to do what they are going to do. We are not worried about what happens in front of us."

Wallace says the Grizzlies are targeting 5 players as the group they'll choose from when it's their turn to step to the podium.

"The 3 players from Florida, Al Horford, Corey Brewer, Joakim Noah, plus Brandan Wright of North Carolina, and Mike Conley, Jr. These guys have the resume, all play at Big Time programs and been very successful. They have proven themselves."

Wallace feels there are 6 or 7 players who could be All-Stars out of this draft.

The hope is one will come with the Number 4 pick Thursday night.

Fans are invited to FedExForum for the Grizzlies Free Draft Party.

Doors open at 5pm

Draft Coverage will be shown on the Forums' Big Screens beginning at 6pm

The NBA Draft starts at 6:30 Thursday night.