NBA Hopefuls Ready for Draft Night

Now, while the Team is preparing to make its' selection...

The players, who are NBA Draft Hopefuls, are nervously biding their time.

Florida's Corey Brewer and Joakim Noah were asked to come back for a second workout with the Grizzlies.

Noah impressed the coaching staff with his basketball savvy and hustle, not to mention his 6'11" frame and 7'3" wingspan.

Brewer would love nothing better than to play in Memphis..

His hometown of Portland, Tennessee is just outside Nashville..

"First thing i'll do when I get picked is go over and kiss my mother... I'm just sad my dad won't be there because he's ill, but i'm just gonna be really happy."

Noah says it's time to shine:

"All of us really had to sacrifice in order to win.. I don't think eveyone else had to do that..cause there's a reason we did it twice in a row."

Florida won back to back National Championships.

There's always the possibility of a trade, and Grizz GM Chris Wallace says he'll wait till the last minute to make his decision...

But, as far as his 10-year old Son Truman is concerned, the Gators Corey Brewer is HIS number one pick.

Brewer played street ball for an hour or so with Truman during a workout visit.