Marmoset monkeys stolen from exotic pet store in East Tennessee

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Authorities say two baby marmoset monkeys were stolen from an exotic pet store in Sevierville.

The thief walked past such exotic creatures as parrots, pythons, macaws, chinchillas and grown monkeys to instead take cash and the marmosets in their cages early Thursday morning.

Gilbert Perez, owner of the Exotic Pet Center, says he's very worried about their safety and care and that monkeys need milk.

One of the monkeys, a common marmoset, carries a retail price of about 28-hundred dollars.

The other, a rarer Geoffrey's marmoset, could bring up to 45-hundred dollars. Sevierville Police, who have spent the past two days searching for the stolen monkeys, described the common marmoset as gold, brown and gray and the other as brown and gray.

The two monkeys are both females born in captivity. One was about seven weeks old, the other between eight and 10 weeks.

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