Operation Take Back: Volunteers rally to take back Memphis neighborhoods

We don't have violent crimes to report. Instead, we get to tell you what groups all over Memphis are doing to take back their neighborhoods.

The theme of the day was unity as citizens of all ages, races and all denominations put their differences aside to focus on fighting crime.

Volunteers from all walks of life hit the streets of Memphis Saturday.

They called it Operation Take Back Day.

Citizens fed up with crime spent the day cleaning up and covering up gang graffiti in North Memphis.

"The Mormon church, the Presbyterian church you know Baptists, black white working together and that is the only way we're going to solve the problem of crime," said Rev. Dwight Montgomery, SCLC organizer.

At Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church hundreds of kids learned the importance of serving their community at a four day conference called Extreme Takeover.

"A world full of darkness and they can be light for the world," added Montgomery.

Further South, the Operation Reach Coalition was holding a peace and unity festival at Glenview Park.

"So when I hear that there are several events going on in the community for peace and unity and cleaning up the community I'm excited knowing that I'm not by myself in this," said Joe Hunter with Operation R.E.A.C.H.

Organizers hope residents from every corner of the county will join them in the fight against crime.


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