Obama raises $32.5 million, shatters record

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Presidential contender Sen. Barack Obama raised at least $32.5 million in the second quarter of the 2008 fundraising cycle, topping his first quarter fund-raising effort, the Illinois Democrat announced Sunday in a statement.

More than 154.000 donors contributed to Sen. Barack Obama during the second quarter, his campaign said.

The amount is believed to be the highest ever raised in a quarter by a Democratic candidate, and exceeded what rival Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign predicted she would raise in the same period. The New York senator's campaign has not yet released the amount of money raised for the second quarter, which ended midnight on Saturday.

On Thursday, Howard Wolfson, a spokesman for Clinton, indicated that the former first lady would raise "in the range of $27 million" in the second quarter, which would put her total take for the year at more than $53 million. But he said the Clinton campaign expected to be out-raised by Obama.

Obama's campaign said Sunday it raised "at least" $31 million in the second quarter in primary money, and a total -- counting general election funds -- of $32.5 million. In the first quarter, Obama raised $25.7 million, and $24.8 million of that was for the primary campaign. Clinton led Democratic fundraising in the first quarter, raising $26 million, and posted another $10 million from her Senate war chest.

More than 154,000 donors contributed money to Obama's campaign this quarter, up from the 104,000 donors in the first quarter, Obama's campaign said.

In an e-mail to Obama supporters posted on the campaign Web site, campaign manager David Plouffe said the fundraising will allow Obama to compete fully funded in all February 5 contests in states like California and New York.

"Frankly, when we entered this race, we did not think that was possible," Plouffe wrote. "We estimated at this point of the campaign we'd be at least $20-25 million behind one of our fellow candidates."

Also on Sunday, former Sen. John Edwards' campaign announced that it had raised over $9 million in the second quarter. "It's been a great quarter for us," Jonathan Prince, deputy manager for Edwards' presidential campaign, told reporters Sunday during a conference call. Prince said the campaign had reached its goal for the three-month fundraising period, and added that that "almost all" of the money raised in this quarter can be spent in the Democratic primary.

The Edwards' fundraising total this quarter is sharply lower than it was during the first quarter, when he raised more than $14 million.

Although candidates have until July 15 to file their contribution and expenditure reports with the Federal Election Commission, many campaigns -- especially those that did well -- are likely to release the figures sooner.

Earlier this week, a spokesman for New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said he had raised at least $7 million from April through June, which would be about $800,000 more than he raised in the first quarter. Richardson's overall total will top $13 million, which would put him near the top of the second tier of Democratic candidates. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend