Southaven residents concerned with flooding problems

A huge drainage ditch in Edwin Gilmore's front yard doesn't always do what it was built to do.

"You know it's all of us on this street suffering from this ditch," said Gilmore.

When storms hit Southaven on Saturday, Gilmore used his video camera to capture the rising flood waters in the Belle Pointe Subdivision.

The rain came too quickly for the system to ingest what looked like a river flowing in his front yard.

Gilmore added, "this ditch is not safe by any means and whoever engineered this ditch, engineering was not one of his strong points."

Gilmore has spent over $2000 building a retaining wall. Before he could finish, Code Enforcement officers told him that the wall was a violation of the city code.

"City of Southaven says I'm not supposed to do this. I'm supposed to let this yard, this house wash away," Gilmore said.

The force of the flood waters was so strong it washed some of Gilmore's gravel, cinder blocks and large boulders down into the drainage ditch.

"I've been fined. To my understanding, its over $350," said Gilmore.

Gilmore goes to court next Friday, but before that he hopes to go before the city council, "I'm trying to see if we can get something done about this drainage situation we have here,"

Gilmore is asking neighbors to sign a petition urging the city to help fix their flooding problem.

"I'm going to fix my yard, I might go to jail but this yard is going to get fixed," he added.

After that, Gilmore says, he's moving out of Southaven.


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