W. Memphis residents ready to answer 'call to action'

"That boy's life means as much to us as your child means to you. And trouble is, you don't respect us. We gonna turn this town upside down 'till you respect us," Rev. Al Sharpton said on Sunday at the funeral of 12-year-old DeAunta Farrow.

Those words were a call to action for hundreds of West Memphis residents mourning the loss of the 12-year-old child.

Police say DeAunta Farrow was carrying a toy gun when he was shot and killed last month by a West Memphis officer who thought the child was holding the real thing.

Mourners continue to visit the memorial of stuffed animals and other symbols of grief.

"Well you know with the community, there is just a lot of hurt right now within the heart right now to know that little DeAunta did get killed like that how we know my child can't walk down the street and get done the same way," said one resident.

" Its time for the community to get together and take justice for that boy's innocent life," said West Memphis resident Gwen Thomas.

Thomas also said that she was among the hundreds of people who attended DeAunta's funeral Sunday.

Thomas added that what activist Al Sharpton said about the case during the eulogy echos the feelings of a lot of people in her neighborhood.

Others in West Mempis said said they're ready to support calls for a citizens review board to monitor police.

And if that's not enough, they're willing to participate in everything from rallies to protest marches in an attempt get to the bottom of how a 12-year old's a toy gun got mistaken for the real thing.

"Yeah, cause my little son could go get a play gun - it could be like a cap gun, bb gun and whatever, and he could get shot cause he's playing with his toy gun. They should take them out of the stores," added Thomas.


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